Single door RFID Access Controller Reader

BF-830 is a RFID identification based reader controller that is generally used to single entrance security or small office as time attendance recorder. BF-830 can also work as totally standalone or to be integrated with PC thru TCP/IP. BF-830 can be connected with BF-870 directly as a RFID access control reader mode in a Multidoor access control security system.

Multidoor RFID Access Controller

BF-870 is a multidoor, standalone RFID access controller or RFID access control reader which provided most flexible authentication method and allows system manager to manage individual device over Web server or multi devices thru software like BFSystem or Agent.

Single door RFID Access Controller Reader

BF-831 , a RFID card identification based controller reader that is generally used to single entrance security or small office time attendance recorder. BF-831 can work totally as a standalone controller or to be integrated with PC thru TCP/IP. BF-830 can be connected with BF-870 directly as a RFID reader mode.

RFID Single Door Access Controller Reader

BFMini , is a RFID access controller reader that is generally used to single entrance security or a small office time attendance recorder. BFMini can work totally as standalone or to be integrated with PC thru TCP/IP. BFMini can be connected with any multidoor RFID controller in an access control system.

Weather proof RFID Access Controller

Webpass IP Reader is a standalone, IP65 rated weather proof RFID access controller reader, which can be connected with more than one Webpass readers over single intranet (LAN). Every package of shipped item will be come with SoMAC, a proprietary access control management software to manage single or multiple units of Webpass IP Readers in a RFID access control system.


Multidoor Biometric Access Controller

BF-670, is design for fignerprint security, especially for multidoor, standalone biometric reader controllers scenario which provided most flexible authentication method that allows access control system daily user to manage individual device over Web server or Software. BF-670 can be also connected another 8 downstream fingerprint access readers for doors in the same area.

Fingerprint Access Controller Fingerprint Reader

BioSense Among lots of different fingerprint access controllers, BioSense is still an outstanding fingerprint access controller and fingerprint reader for its merit of several features. with ability of IP connection that even brings BioSense not just work as a standalone fingerprint reader or fingerprint controller but able to combine with access controllers to perform as a fingerprint reader. Multi management method could either through software or the web page both firmly secure the whole fingerprint access control system.

Single Door Fingerprint Access Controller

BF-630 is one of biometric reader controller for single door with fingerprint security thru web based. Ideally, BF-630 is used to perform a single entrance door security or a small office as a time attendance recorder with Fingerprint, RFID and Password 3 in 1 authentication.

Single Door Biometric Reader Controller

BF-631 is a single door biometric reader controller which design with Web Server to help system operator to configure, manage thier own fingerprint access control system. Ideally, BF-631 is used to manage single entrance security, or for a small enterprise as a simple time attendance recorder with Fingerprint security or RFID card, Password as a 3-in-1 access control system.

PC based USB fingerprint scanner

BioMini , a high performance USB interface fingerprint scanner, generally is using to connect to PC thru the USB interface to help human resource manager to enroll users fingerprint template to the access control Software (BFSystem, SOMAC) or time attendance, time attendance recorder system software.


SEMAC-S2 Multidoor Access Control Panel

SEMAC-S2 is a single door and can manage upto 8 doors access control panel. Each SEMAC-S2 access control panel is recommended to come with a power box or an enclosure to suit for different system constructions and it's connection ability is also superior which offered Wiegands, Dry Contacts, Relays, RS-485 and RJ-45 to connect to different devices

SEMAC-S1 Single door two ways access control panel

SEMAC-S1 , is a single door two ways, panel design access controller which required to be assembly in an optional power box or enclosure. The most recommended system management method is to over the embedded web server that could easily to be configured.

SEMAC-S3 Lift Controller

SEMAC-S3 is an RFID verfication based, Lift access controller that is mostly applied to lift/elevator/floor control in a building. When SEMAC-S3 connects with more downstream BF-333 device (must-required/ and upto 8 of BF-333 each SEMAC-S3 system) could expand the management range up to 128 floors per system. Thru SEMAC-S3 proprietary WEB Server management, system operator could be easily manage the equipments used in the system and the card holders profile. SEMAC-S3 now can be optioned with single board panel with larger power box or with metal made smaller enclosure.


Specifications and product description:

Y.LINK01/02/04 Series Access Controllers provide the solution for powerful combinations of access control and alarm monitoring.

  • Y.LINK01 is now capable to handle1 doors / 2 readers with a single controller.
  • Y.LINK02 is now capable to handle 2doors / 4 readers with a single controller.
  • Y.LINK04 is now capable to handle 4 doors / 4 readers with a single controller.
  • Y.LINK Series Access Controllers fits any type of installations, up to 10,000 users, 30000 in and out records. from single buildings to multiple sites spread over remote locations and linked via TCP/IP.


  • Wiegand 26 /32/34 (Motorola, HID, EM, Mifare, TI, Fingerprint, Handkey, IRIS
  • 1-600 Seconds Adjustable Door Open Time
  • No Limitation for Network Doors
  • 10,000 Users, 30000 records
  • Flash ROM Power off Protection
  • Software basic function: Door sensor alarm, Automatic change between card and password, Input alarm, Open the door by initial card, Double Door Interlock, Intimidated password, Constant opening status setting, Anti-pass back, Electronic map.


Passieve Wiegand Reader

EM model (125KHz) :WR-E1/WR-E2: Wiegand/EM mode/Narrow size: Black or Silver panel selectable.
Mifare Model (13.56MHz): WR-M1/WR-M2: Wiegand/Mifare mode/Narrow size: Black or Silver panel selectable.

Webpass Lite IP65 Weather Proof WG Reader

Webpass Lite - E : EM Mode (125KHz)
Webpass Lite - M : Mifare Mode (13.56MHz)

SR-EM and Mifare Passive RS485 Interface Reader

SR-E1/SR-E2: RS-485 Serial / EM mode/Narrow size : Black or Silver panel selectable
Mifare Model (13.56MHz) SR-M1/SR-M2: RS-485 Serial / Mifare mode/Narrow size: Black or Silver panel selectable

Card and PIN Reader


  • Wiegand 26bits/ Wiegand34bits
  • Support ID Card or PIN Opening
  • 2-15cm Proximity Range
  • Built-in Antenna

Proximity RFID Card Reader


  • Wiegand 26bits/ Wiegand34bits
  • 2-15cm Proximity Range
  • 13.56 MHz Frequency
  • Built-in Antenna



  • Wiegand 26 or 34
  • 2-15cm Proximity Range
  • Card (13.56 MHz Frequency)
  • Built-in Antenna

RFID Reader


  • Standard Wigand 26Bits or Wigand 34Bits.
  • More than 50mm Reading Range
  • 125khz and 13.56Mhz

HID Compatible Card Reader


  • Interface:Weigand26/34,RS485/RS232
  • Reader range:5 - 10 cm
  • Frequency:122-128KHz
  • Waterpoof:IP65

HID Proximity Card Reader


  • IInterface: Weigand26/34,RS485/RS232
  • Reader range: 5 - 10 cm
  • Frequency:122-128KHz
  • Waterpoof:IP65



Multimedia Fingerprint T&A and access control

Product Model: SIS-IC2500

Specifications :

  1. User Capacity: 3000
  2. Transaction Capacity: 100000
  3. ID Card Capacity: 30000
  4. Resolution: 500 dpi
  5. Image Area: 18mm*22mm
  6. Allowable Finger Rotation: +/- 180degree
  7. Identification: 1:1 or 1:N
  8. Verification Time: ≤0.8sec
  9. FAR: ≤0.0001%
  10. FRR: ≤1%
  11. Display: Advanced-TFT 8", Touch-Screen
  12. Resolution: SVGA (800*600 pixels)
  13. Keyboard: 21 alphanumerical keys + 8 programmable function keys
  14. Operation modes: FP, PIN, FP+PIN… (14 Multi-combination Authentication Modes)
  15. I/O interface: RS232/485, TCP/IP, SD memory card slot (Standard 1G), USB Host & USB Client
  16. Standard Function: Photo-ID, Flash Video Play, Short Message, Schedule Bell, T9 Input, Self-Service Query
  17. Options: HID / Mifare card, 2G SD card, Webserver, Workcode, WIFI, GPRS, Printer, RIS
  18. Camera: 1300000 pixels
  19. 12V internal UPS: UPS works automatically when power shutdown and extend three hours)
  20. Power: 12V DC
  21. Operating Temperature: 0 ℃- 45 ℃
  22. Operating Humidity: 20%-80%
  23. Size: 252(L)*231(W)*53(H)mm.

USB Fingerprint Time Attendance with Wifi

Product Model: AIS-U160

Specifications :

Fingerprint Capacity 2200 templates
Transaction Capacity 50,000
Transaction Capacity ZEM510
Sensor Optical Sensor
Algorithm Version Finger VX9.0/10.0
Communication RS232/485, TCP/IP,USB-host, USB-client
Standard Functions Webserver, Workcode, SMS, DLST, Scheduled-bell, Self-Service Query, Automatic Status Switch
Optional Functions ID/Mifare/HID,RIS,printer,9 digit user ID,Wifi wireless
Display 3 inches TFT Screen
Power Supply 5V DC 2A
Operating Temperature 0 ℃- 45 ℃
Operating Humidity 20%-80%
Dimension 190X140X46 mm
Gross Weight 1.05 kg

Fingerprint Time and Attendance

BF-630 is one of biometric reader controller for time and attendance with fingerprint security thru web based. Ideally, BF-630 is used to perform a single entrance attendance or a small office as a time attendance recorder with Fingerprint, RFID and Password 3 in 1 authentication.

RFID Time and Attendance

BF-830 is a RFID identification based reader controller that is generally used to single entrance attendance or small office as time attendance recorder. BF-830 can also work as totally standalone or to be integrated with PC thru TCP/IP. BF-830 can be connected with BF-870 directly as a RFID time and attendance system.


Waterproof Standalone Access Controller with IR Remote Control

Product Model: YET-008E

Specifications :

  • Working Voltag:DC12V(±30%).
  • State Current: < 40mA.
  • Working Temperature: -20C~60C.
  • Working Humidity:0%~95%.
  • Support IR Remote Control.
  • IR Distance:5 meters.
  • Built-in EM Card Reader,supports 1000 card users(8000 or 18000 users is optional).
  • Open the door by proximity card.
  • Support "NC" or "NO" type Electric Lock.
  • Can setup two system cards,"Login In" or "Login Out"
  • Reading Range: 5~10cm.
  • Wiegand26 output.
  • Size:120*75*22mm or 120*45*22mm.
  • Waterproof:IP65 (optional).

Stand alone Access Controller

Product Model: YET-105
The non-contact sensing Access Controller is a third generation single door access control, recovery programming to solve the password without losing the original set information, the controller features the most advanced next-generation integrated access control one selected industries Embedded micro-controller, will not be lost due to power outages. powerful, has not lost the original password recovery programming information.

Technical parameters

  1. Operating voltage:DC 12V
  2. Quiescent Current:<=60MA
  3. Unlock current:<=1000MA
  4. Alarm current:<=100MA
  5. Operating Temperature:-25°C-80°C
  6. Humidity:20%-90%
  7. Card type:EM / Mifare / HID card compatibility, etc.
  8. Storage Capacity:2000/6000 users.

RFID Access Control Reader with Touch Keypad

Product Model: YET-ACT20

Specification :

  1. Touch Button Keypad for 1-door access control system.
  2. Built in RFID Card Reader,EM or Mifare.
  3. Support three kinds of opening door mode: Card,Card+Pin,Pin.
  4. With wiegand26 input/output interface.
  5. One Relay output.
  6. User Capacity: 1000 Card+1000pin.
  7. Reading Distance: 3~10cm.
  8. Working Voltage: +12VDC+(-)10%.
  9. Working Current: less than 100mA.
  10. Operating Temperature:-10°C—70°C.
  11. Operating Humidity:20%—80%.
  12. Size:120mm×78mm×22mm.
  13. Weight:130g.

Proximity Card Access Controller

Product Model: V2000-A

Specification :

  1. Working Voltage:DC 12V
  2. Open Lock Current:≤1000mA
  3. Static Current:≤60mA
  4. User capacity:1000 users
  5. Read Card distance:≤14cm
  6. Opening the door time:5s
  7. RF Card type:H4100 Card
  8. Operation Temperature:-10~70
  9. Operation Humidity:10%~90%
  10. Size:117×117×21mm


Wireless Auto-dial Alarm System

Product Model: AIS-0503F

Specification :

  • Selling point: Wireless Auto-dial Alarm System; Emergency alarm function
  • R2 is an indoor siren, which will alarm immediately once triggered
  • R3 is a magnetic transmitter
  • R5 is an infrared sensor
  • R6 is a remote control, which can wirelessly turn on/off the main unit
  • R7 is an outdoor siren, which will alarm immediately once triggered
  • Main unit will dial telephone or cell phone automatically when receiving alarm signals
  • Alarm in emergency
  • Wireless monitoring function
  • Voice recording function
  • All settings and recorded messages will not be lost when power failure occurs
  • Dial the saved 6 groups of phone number in arming mode once triggered.
  • Up to 38 accessories (such as remote control and transiter)can be used in the system.
  • Wireless





MODEL : AIS-D08CB/420/600TVL


  • Color 1/3" Sony CCD CDD
  • Ultral High Resolution 700TVL
  • 3D-DNR
  • 8X Digital Zoom
  • Zone Motion Dection
  • Privacy Region Shielded
  • O.S.D Menu
  • 1pc New Generation Array Leds 20m IR Distance


Image Sensor: 1/3" Sony Super HAD CCD 1/4" Sharp HAD CCD
Total Pixels:NTSC: 537 (H) X505 (V) PAL: 537 (H) X597 (V)
Scanning System: NTSC: 525 lines, 60 fields/sec PAL: 625 lines, 50 fields/sec
Minimum Illumination: 0.5 Lux F1.2
Resolution: 420 TV Line
Lens Mount: C/CS


MODEL NO. HK-SAP8181/8363

Product Feature

  • Motion auto tracking, intelligent surveillance with alarm function
  • Preset, auto cruise and pattern scan function
  • Auto tracking function when run a tour
  • Multi communication protocol compatibility, baud rate is changeable
  • New high strength aluminum-titanium alloy structure, effectively prevent deforming and keep surface bright
  • Newly-designed black shield inner cover, more concealing
  • Static remove dust, double deck ventilate hole constant temperature design, apply IP66 safety standard.
  • High quality step motor and belt, make it more reliable
  • 360° continuous Pan,0° to 90° Tilt From Horizontal Plane, 180° auto flip.
  • 256 preset points.
  • Color 18X, 22x,27 X optics camera module.
  • proportional zooming, reduce pan/tile speed according to zooming level, ensure clear and balanced image,get the best picture.
  • Inbuilt multiple protocol, allow any system.
  • Power-off information protect and inbuilt surge, lightning strike protection device.
  • Accessory function: Vandal-prevent device.

DVR 4CH/8CH/16/32CH

  • Operating System: Embedded RTOS;
  • Video Input:4/8/16 pairs;
  • Record Speed:
  • NTSC: 120 fields/s(4x30fps);PAL: 100 fields/s(4x25fps);
  • NTSC: 240 fields/s(8x30fps);PAL: 200 fields/s(8x25fps);
  • NTSC:480 fields/s(16x30fps);PAL:400 fields/s(16x25fps);
  • Compression form: video compression:H.264;audio compression:G.729
  • Resolution : real-time display(704*576) Video compression CIF (352*288)


  • 16 Ch Video + 16 Ch Audio input, H.264 hardware compression.
  • Preview:4CIF
  • Compression:352x240 (NTSC), 352x288 (PAL).
  • Frame Rate: 30 fps per channel (NTSC), 25 fps per channel (PAL)
  • Are stackable to obtain 64 channels maximum


3.5 inch LCD Clear Image Digital Door Viewer

Product Model: AIS-W3.5

Specifications and product description:

  • 3.5inch color TFT display
  • Peephole barrel (diameter) :12-30mm
  • Fits any door:35-60 or 60-90mm ( thickness ),pls confirm the door thickness with dealer before purchase .
  • Sensor : 300,000 pixels
  • Monitor outside anytime when press monitor button
  • Screen will automaticly be in sleep model after 10seconds Once press monitor button.
  • At bottom of viewer : lef button to adjust ring volume; right button to choose doorbell music .
  • 16pcs Chord music for option
  • 3pcs AA battery can support view outside for more than 1500times .
  • “Don’t disturb” function :In sleep model, long hold monitor button for about 10seconds, red led light at right bottom of screen will flash, successfully set ”don’t disturb “ function . In “don’t disturb”model, when anyone press call button ,no ring sound ,no view outside. Cancel “ don’t disturb” : long hold for about 10seconds until screen turn on with video .

Digital Video Building Doorphone System

Product Model: AIS-618C-037
This system is building intercom system with with decode & program technique and Microsoft-controlled technique.It is suitable for a building within 9999 users,It is composed of video center unit,outdoor unit,indoor units,partition,power supply and electric locks,etc.The function of this system includes intercommunication between indoor unit and outdoor unit,monitorsing the outdoor,intercommunication between indoor units and center unit,broadcasting function,electric-controlled unlocking and internet connection etc.It is a necessity for intelligent property management.

Door Station:

  • Elegant and fashionable design
  • European IP44 waterproof and dustproof standard
  • Anti-vandal and anti-oxidation metal panel
  • Keypad with blue backup light promises comfortable visual effect
  • Access card unlocking
  • Password unlocking
  • Night vision
  • Lightening-protection
  • Calling center unit or indoor unit
  • Video intercommunication with center unit or indoor unit
  • Camera of the outdoor unit can be adjusted vertically and horizontally for better performance.
  • 500TV lines high definition Sony camera module with weak light compensation and great adaptability in high-low temperature, promises clear and dedicate image


  • 7″ TFT LCD (color)
  • Hand-free intercommunication
  • Electric-controlled door release function
  • Outdoor monitoring
  • Call the center unit
  • Emergency calling
  • Eight melody ring options
  • Brightness, contrast, and volume controls

Wiring requirement:

  • Main signal wire: RVV6x0.5
  • Main video wire: 75-5
  • House-service signal wire: RVV6x0.5
  • House-service video wire: 75-5
  • Power wire: RVV4x0.5


  • Surface or flush mounting

Doorphone With Three Indoor Units

Product Model: AIS-3203AAA

Specifications and product description:

  • Work as both doorphone and 3-way intercom.
  • With unlocking function.
  • Anti-oxidation, wearable aluminum outdoor unit.
  • The name or NO. of the user can be displayed on the outdoor unit, along with LED indication.
  • High-quality circuit to promise sharp clear voice.
  • The outdoor unit meets IP44 waterproof standard.

7" Handset Color Video Doorphone(Touch Pad)

Product Model: AIS-09C

Specifications and product description:

  • Ultra-thin and elegant design.
  • Touch pad with advanced technology.
  • Hands-free or with handset intercommunication promises clear voice.
  • Easy operation.
  • Imported grade-A TFT screen promise high definition image.
  • Plano mirror designed monitor with fashionable colors.
  • Different outdoor units for option.
  • Power supply,cable,screws are included for DIY installation.



Sliding Auto Gate Motors

Leveraging on our state-of-art infrastructural facilities, we are able to bring forth to our clients one of the finest grade sliding auto gate motors. These motors are manufactured in a very excellent manner using very tough and tensile quality raw materials which makes it easy to be installed and fast in its operation. These sliding auto gate motors are used for the installation in automatic gates and hence are very smooth functioning. These sliding auto gate motors are available in every part of the country as well as in various other countries also.


  • Long lasting Durability
  • High performance
  • Flawless finish
  • Easy maintenance

Automatic Barriers

Automatic Barriers are the stand alone kind of barriers which are used at the parking places to provide the authorized entry of the vehicles and automobiles in the building or parking premises. These automatic barriers are manufactured at our company using very strong and tensile quality raw materials and are provided with the most innovative technologies for providing utmost safety and reliability. We are not only manufacturing these automatic barriers but also are efficiently supplying, exporting and wholesaling them in the market at conventional prices.


  • Battery backup
  • High volume capability
  • Rapid boom pole raise (3m version < 1.2sec)
  • Smooth intelligent speed control
  • High torque boom pole operation



Swing Gate Operaor:

  • Motor thrust:1500N
  • Power:110W
  • Opening angle:90~105
  • Gate weight (per wing)<300kg
  • Power Supply: Voltage220v, Frequency50HZ
  • Thrust :1500N
  • Power:110W
  • Opening angle:90°--105°
  • Gate weight(per wing): ≤300kg
  • Gate dimension(per wing):≤2.5×2.5m
  • Opening time:≤22s
  • Noise:≤60dB


Vertical Tripod Turnstile

Product Model: SIS-S201


  • Power Supply: AC220V±10V ,50Hz / AC110V±10V,60Hz
  • Temperature: -15 to 60 degrees
  • Humidity: < 95%, without concretion
  • Passage Width: <=600mm
  • Passing Speed: 40 persons/min (IC Card)
  • Power Consumption: 100W/24V
  • Input Interface: +12V electrical signal or impulse signal with width more than 100ms, drive current >10mA
  • Communication Interface: RS485 (Distance:<=1200m)
  • Material: Housing - 304 stainless steel arm - stainless steel
  • Dimension: 420*330*980 mm Arm Dimension: ¢38*500mm
  • Weight: 54kgs
  • Working Environment: Indoors or outdoors with shed.

Automatic Access Barrier Gate

Product Model: SIS-B311


  • Structure: frame construction/ 304 grade stainless steel case (thickness: 1.5mm); water-proof, sun block, high temperature resistance and cold resistance
  • Dimension: 420*330*1050 mm
  • Width of passage: ≤900mm (single piece of turnstile)
  • Passage mode: single-way or double-way
  • Reading mode: compatible with reader and writers of IC card, ID card, Magnetic card, bar code card and etc.
  • Working environment: indoor or out door (under overcast shelf)
  • The strength the arm can bear: 30kg
  • The moving angel: 180 degree
  • Moving direction: bi-directional
  • Working power: AC220 ±10%V/50 ±10%HZ (AC110V available)
  • Driver engine: Driving electric motor: DC motor 30W/24V.
  • Input interface: pulse signal 12V, ≥100ms, driver electronic current ≥10mA
  • Communication interface: RS485
  • Access speed: 40 people per minute (normal open), 25-30 people per minute (normal close).
  • The time of open/close: 2-3s
  • The time of electronic get through to working condition: 3s
  • The resetting time: 10s
  • Working temperature: -15-+75 degree
  • Relative humidity: ≤95%, no drew.

Automatic Flap Barrier for Access Control

Product Model: YET-Y522

Technical Parameters:

  • Structure: frame construction/ stainless steel case (thickness: 1.5mm)
  • Production technology: computer digital controlled laser cutting
  • Dimension: 1200*280*1000mm LWH
  • Passage Width: 550-600mm
  • Weight: 120kg
  • Open/close time: 1-2 seconds
  • Passage speed: 40 person/ minute ( normal close ), 50 people/minute ( normal open )
  • Communication: RS485 (distance ≤ 1200m)
  • Power: 50W
  • Power supply voltage: AC220±10% V,50HZ
  • Driving electric motor: brush-typed DC motor (24V), 100W.
  • Operating life: three million times
  • LED indicator: 2 units
  • Card reader windows: 2 units
  • Auto resetting time after break down: 10 seconds
  • Input interface: dry contact signal or +12V level signal or DV 12V pulse signal of pulse width ≥100ms; drive current ≥10mA
  • Working environment: indoor or out door (under overcast shelf) - Working temperature: -10°C--+60°C Relative humidity: ≤90%, non dewing.

Half height turnstile

Product Model: YET-Z722 Half height turnstile is an integration of mechanism, electric, mic-controller and various kinds of reading and writing technologies. It is used to control and manage passages smart by working with different kinds of readers and writers, reliable protection equipment, real-time alarm and direction guide. And our half height turnstile has standard electrical interface which can be connected with barcode cards, IC cards, ID cards, magnetic cards conveniently.Also our products can satisfy the requirements of fire-control.


  • Power Supply: AC220V±10V ,50Hz / AC110V±10V ,60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 100W/24V
  • Temperature: -15 to 60 degrees
  • Humidity: < 95%, without concretion
  • Passage Width: 650mm
  • Passing Speed: 30 persons/min (normal open), 20 persons/min (normal close)
  • Arm Open/Close Time: 2s
  • Input Interface: +12V electrical signal or impulse signal with width more than 100ms, drive current >10mA
  • Communication Interface: RS485 (Distance: <=1200m)
  • Material: 304 stainless steel for body 202 stainless steel for arm
  • Dimension: 1400*1100*1150mm Arm Length: 600mm
  • Weight: 100kgs
  • Working Environment: Indoors or outdoors with shed
  • Arm Turning: Single direction or Bi-direction.

Single Pole Barrier

Product Model: YET-B622


  • Structure: The shape of the product made of 304 stainless steel sheet metal stamping sheet metal forming, rust-proof, durable, easy to use the device, no maintenance
  • Dimensions: length 1200 × W 280 × high 990 (mm)
  • Material: 304 stainless steel / spray
  • Passage width: less than 600MM
  • Control: Semi-auto / Full-auto / Manual
  • Access ways: one way / two-way
  • Read-write mode: IC card / ID card / magnetic card / bar code device, etc.
  • Working environment: Indoor, outdoor( with a tent over)

Technical parameters:

  • Power: AC220V/AC110V (optional), 50Hz
  • Working temperature: -15 °C -75 °C
  • Relative Humidity: less than 95%, non condensing
  • Pass speed: 30 people / minute
  • Input interface: switch signal (COM port to ground)
  • Communication Interface: RS485
  • Drive Motor: DC motor 30W/24V
  • Swing door running time: about 2S


Subway Station, Hoverport,Tourism Sports,Exhibition, Swimming Hall,Residence Area,Enterprise’s Entrance and Exit Attendance,Gateway Guard,Charge Management,Special Access Control